UBM Medica US Editorial Policies

We provide fair, balanced and insightful content to our audiences. And we want to be as transparent as possible about what we do.

I personally welcome your reactions, questions or comments on any given project, piece of editorial, or policy:

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Here are some of the basic policies we follow.

Journalistic Ethics

UBM has an internal policy on journalistic ethics.

Here are some key points from that document:

User-Generated Content/Comments

UBM staff aren't the only ones who put content on our sites, of course; we invite the community we serve to contribute. In fact, user comments, forums, and the like are a key part of keeping content balanced. If we get something wrong, you can go ahead and correct it or provide another point of view.

When users comment on the site, they have to adhere to our terms of service. This document doesn't replace those terms, but it's a good spot to elaborate and call out a few main points and expectations.

  1. Comments can't libel someone and shouldn't be a place for personal attacks. These sites are about solutions and discussions, not yelling.
  2. Our sites are for physicians and their professional community. It's not an appropriate place for patients to ask for healthcare advice. On most of our sites, only physicians and other professional providers can comment.
  3. Comments are also not a place to run thinly disguised ads. If a site allows non-physicians, such as vendor representatives to comment, we're looking for comments that contribute to the conversation, not pitches.
  4. Nobody should violate patient privacy by revealing personal health information in any kind of contributed content. Please be circumspect about revealing any personal health information in any kind of contributed content that might make it possible for a patient to be identified, such as faces.
  5. In some instances, we might pay users to contribute to our sites.

In short, in a confusing media world, we're doing our very best to hew to high standards and full transparency about what we do.

Think we're not? I want to hear about it.

Rev. 1/2012